Free Talk Live

This is NOT your granddaddy's Talk Radio... if you're looking for cookie-cutter conservative talk, you've come to the wrong place!

Free Talk Live is an open format talk show, where virtually no topic is off limits. From political issues to personal problems, hosts Ian and Mark will keep you entertained and informed. If not, they invite you to call in and change the topic! Free Talk Live is talk radio YOU control. We're talk radio's most interactive talk show both on and off the air, with our message board, chat room, archives and much more.

Unlike traditional talk radio, where one show after another is typically either pro-republican or pro-democrat, just one listen will convince you that Free Talk Live is unabashedly pro-FREEDOM.

Don't like the topic? Don't tune out. Call and change it.

Got something you just have to get off your chest? Call.

Want to argue with a caller who's on the air? Call and let us know.

Free Talk Live airs live from Keene, New Hampshire.


Ian is a Florida native who made the move to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project in 2006. By day he is the affiliate relations department for Free Talk Live. He's also a blogger at and the Program Director of LRN.FM - the Liberty Radio Network. Ian appreciates his many influences in the radio industry. Special recognition goes out to Bob Garrett, Lionel, The Love Doctors, Phil Hendrie, Harry Browne, and Dan and Scott.

Mark was born and raised in the southern Tampa Bay area of Florida. He has been working in radio since 1999 and won an Addy award in 2002 for his work. Mark has also received numerous sales awards in advertising sales and became the youngest general manager of a radio station in the Tampa Bay Area. He is a pig farmer, has tropical fish, loves classic automobiles, volunteers at the local Fire Dept., and amuses himself with his eclectic knowledge of semi-useless information.


LIVE: Saturday 8P - 10P

Call the Show: 855-450-3733