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"WE ARE AT A CRITICAL POINT IN THIS COUNTRY and I'm ready to take the debate right to my listeners." –Joe Walsh

This is the front line in today's battle for liberty and individual freedom.

Former Congressman Joe Walsh speaks the truth with no concern for political correctness. Joe knows fake news when he hears it, and is never afraid to hold government responsible. He is a life-long advocate for limited government and a vibrant private sector.

Weeknights from 9 to midnight. This is a new experience in radio listening. This is the Joe Walsh Program.


Joe Walsh was first elected to the United States Congress in 2010, representing the 8th District in Illinois. Joe immediately refused his Congressional health benefits and pensions, slept in his D.C office, and limited himself to no more than three terms in office.

A frequent critic of the Obama administration, Joe quickly became one of the most outspoken and well known tea party members of Congress, becoming a leading advocate of a balanced budget amendment, term limits, tax cuts, and second amendment rights.

During his time in Congress, Joe served on the Small Business Committee, the Committee on Homeland Security, and the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. He was recognized by numerous organizations and received the highest possible ratings from: The Club for Growth, Freedom Works, and Heritage Action.

Since 2013, Joe has done on radio exactly what he did as a U.S. Congressman – speak plainly, speak directly, and engage in respectful, engaging debate with all people.

Joe lives in the northern Chicago suburb of Mundelein, Illinois with his wife Helene. Together they have five children.

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