The Conspiracy Show

Host Richard Syrett has a passionate interest in life’s mysteries. Every weekend, The Conspiracy Show delves deeply into the unseen mysteries that lurk just beneath the surface of what we think we know. Richard's insatiable curiosity about the world around him has made The Conspiracy Show a weekend radio hit across North America.

Saturday nights from 10 to midnight on NewsTalk 1350, Richard Syrett leads you on a journey beyond the headlines for an alternative view of our world. What at first seems improbable, may just turn out to be true!

Always compelling, controversial and thought-provoking:
The Conspiracy Show redefines reality.


Richard has been involved in radio and television for 20 years, beginning in the early 90s as a major market talk radio producer. He's been featured on numerous TV shows on The History Channel, Animal Planet, and Canada's OLN television network.

In addition, Richard hosts a weekly half-hour documentary TV show which airs internationally. Also titled The Conspiracy Show, the TV show examines conspiracies, paranormal and supernatural phenomena and the UFO/ET phenomenon.

When he's not behind a microphone or in front of a camera, Richard is an avid reader, a baseball and hockey fan, a film buff, and a really bad magician. But mostly, Richard enjoys spending time with his Mighty Aphrodite, and their twin boys, Zach and North. Team Syrett resides just north of Toronto, Canada.

Richard Syrett

Saturdays 10PM - 12M